RadioBook Rwanda!

RadioBook Rwanda is finally out!

In 2018, the British Council commissioned three publishers, No Bindings in Bristol, Kwani? in Nairobi, and Huza Press in Kigali, to publish three new stories in both print and audio form.

In ‘The Sykes Are Woke’, Annick La Reine Shimwa imagines a fictional land in conflict, led by a female warrior. Eric Mutsinzi explores the space between a long married couple with different desires in ‘Waiting For Words’, and Jimmy Tuyiringire builds on the ancient Rwandan myth of the ‘Thunder Hunter.’

Each story is published in English and KInyarwanda, and sits alongside beautiful artwork by East African artists, Souls, Jess Atieno, and Nduta Kariuki.

There are also three accompanying podcasts, which explore the expanded universe of the story, featuring interviews with the writers and artists, as well with real life people who are exploring the stories’ themes.

Find out where to buy or loan a book here! And listen to the audiobooks and podcasts, of course.

Eloise Stevens