Winner of the St. Peter's College Poetry Prize 2009


Naked, you are as light as the zephyr that sighs across my skin.

Your body trembles like silver fish, shivering in their nets,

Quivering like unanswered questions scattered across the sky.

Your hips roll as sand dunes ripple across the desert, arched as perfect orbs

 By the piercing wail of inconsolable wind.

Above them, in the black that only cloudless eves can bring,

Hangs the moon, a perfect dewdrop, night’s navel suspends the sky.

This almighty globe the axis, mercury orbits round.


Naked, you are an island, basking across the blue.

You wait for the sun to sink, deep, into your silence.

Your fingers flit like swallows, darting across the water,

Daring towards lands they’ve never loved or known.

Each ear is as a conch, abandoned on the sand.

So urgent is their quiet, beseeching my slightest tremor.

All this, you cannot know; your eyes certainly would have told.

Just as mountains pierce the air and plunge deep into the sea, never comprehending.

Your eyes are great rock pools of ocean, trapped amidst the moss.

Crabs flicker in their depths.

There, smooth as a tarnished pebble, reflected is the sky,

Vague and vast, as wretched as the abyss of futile desire.

Eloise Stevens