I also work as an audio producer and have made features and documentaries for ABC RN, BBC Radio 4, The British Library and the Jaipur Literature Festival. You can listen to all my work below, but here is a selection of my favourites. 

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Amid the barren shrub of the Rajasthan deserts lives a vibrant and rich folk tradition. This music has always been performed by talented musical communities, such as the Manganiyar and the Langa, and supported by wealthy patrons. Yet as this feudal economy rapidly evolves into a monetary one, so too do the musicians have to adapt, either opting to go into other professions, or navigate the fickle world of the music industry. How can these musicians continue to make a living without compromising the music of their ancestors?

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Edith's Passport




Vienna, 1939. An 18 year old girl packs her bags and travels to London. A tale of loving, losing and loving again.

With music from Raphaella and George Cooke on cello.


Hyppo, Bernadette and Jean L’Amour

Hyppo, Bernadette and Jean L’Amour

While working on RadioBookRwanda, I had the opportunity to interview Bernadette, an amazing woman who took many rebels to trial after the genocide. She features on the Resistance podcast. Here is her son, Hyppo, telling us how he feels about her.

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Ever wondered what goes on beneath the azure domes of Istanbul's most famous mosque?

Osmaan, (or is it Marie-Luise?), might just let you in to its secrets...

Written and voiced by Annina Lehmann.

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