And The Amazons

And The Amazons is a poetry production house, dedicated to putting on immersive and interactive poetry performances. Check out some of our shows below!

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The Beat of Beast

When a maid, an NRI, and an expat all land on the Mumbai Central platform, they know they only want one thing: to make it big in this beast- breathing city. And if not big, at least to survive. As their lives and work slowly entwine, they learn to ride the urban wave.

Arundhati gets a job at an ad agency, Freddi later joins her, quashing her desires to write fiction, and Zainab becomes their help. But when Arundhati and Freddi's boss goes broke, Zainab's job too is placed perilously on the line. How can the three manage to alchemize their adversity into opportunity, or at the very least, refuge?

8:30 pm, 3rd November 2017

8:30 pm, 4th November 2017

The Cuckoo Club, Bandra, Mumbai

Heloise and Abelard

In the 12th century, Heloise and Abelard fell in love and wrote profoundly intimate and intellectual letters to one another. But when Heloise's uncle discovered the relationship, he exiled and castrated Abelard.

Heloise & Abelard is a dynamic bilingual retelling of this story, featuring original poems by Ramneek SinghAnkita ShahAnish Vyavahare and Eloise Lisboa. The play embodies relationships of all kinds - intercaste, inter-religion, inter-race, same sex - that challenge the status quo and explore how we, as humans, as lovers, as love, are forced to enter into conflict with our circumstances, and come to terms with it in the best way we know how. 

Performed at The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai, May 2017. 

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The Kala Ghoda Gallops

A Heritage Walk. But as you've probably gathered from the photo, this is no ordinary heritage walk. This is a walk as the great poet and radical thinker Arun Kolatkar would have imagined it, full of the lively and irreverent characters he documented in the beating heart of Kala Ghoda in the 50s.

So come along and meet Ugh, the cocky pi-dog, who will be taking you around his ilaaka: the Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue, the David Sassoon Library, the University of Mumbai, and the old school slums of Kala Ghoda, and spicing up their stories with spitfire stanzas.

Performed at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, February 2017. Read a review here